Featured Work

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Mapping Little Free Libraries in Victoria

Working with the Greater Victoria Placemaking Network (GVPN), we crowd sourced the locations of over a hundred little free library boxes (LFLs) in the city, and mapped these on an interactive map. We continue to maintain this map and support people’s efforts to build their own LFLs. There are currently 238 LFLs mapped in Victoria.




Fin Fighters UKfins on the bridge

The Idea Tree played a central role in establishing Fin Free Cambridge, a grassroots campaign which succeeded in lobbying the Cambridge City Council to implement an effective ban on shark fins. Subsequently this has growing into Fin Fighters, a UK charity which seeks to expand the successful model of Fin Free Cambridge to cities across the UK, building towards a nationwide ban on shark fins and shark products.


The Black Fish Social Media Strategy and Management

BF screen shot

In December 2013 Ms. Ferguson became a Social Media Coordinator (SMC) with The Black Fish, responsible for management of the International Facebook page, which has nearly 100,000 likes, a number which is constantly growing. She also worked in close partnership with the Social Media Coordinator for the Twitter account to devise a strategy for The Black Fish’s use of social media as well as a comprehensive set of guidelines on how to manage each of the organization’s social media accounts.



Growing SpacesIMG_1728

In 2011 Ms. Ferguson initiated Growing Spaces, a project with Transition Cambridge to reclaim small pieces of unused land in the city of Cambridge (UK) and replant them with edible species. The project’s strategy was laid out before it began, and included the integral use of photos, as well as focusing on small pieces of neglected land to attract a “why not” attitude towards our efforts and minimize resistance to our use of the spaces. The project converted 18 such spaces over 3 years, garnered a great deal of positive attention, and created urban foraging opportunities around the city, including 6 community gardens.