What We Do

The Idea Tree’s overarching focus is on strategy, which we organize into 5 areas.

General Strategy

Identifying goals and devising the right strategy to achieve those goals, is the key to success in environmental work, however many organizations overlook this important process. Whether you need to refine your goals, research the issues to determine the right approach, define a target audience, devise appropriate tactics and strategy, work out a plan for execution or determine how you will evaluate your effectiveness, we can assist with part or all of these steps. We have also given feedback for small organizations such as Elphinstone Logging Focus and Fin Fighters UK on their existing overall strategies.

Idea Development

Need some other ideas? We have a broad perspective on the environmental movement, and the variety of issues and audiences that it encompases. We can assist with the development a new programme or campaign, or if you’re looking for a new project that will maximize your impact on a particular issue, we can provide a knowledgeable and fresh perspective to help you achieve more. If you’re looking for an innovative strategy that will draw attention to your organization or cause and achieve results we have experience with a wide range of strategies, from traditional lobbying, awareness campaigns and other insider approaches, to creative outsider strategies, such as the innovative use of citizens in monitoring compliance and the strategic use of international law.

Issue Research

One of The Idea Tree’s specialties is issue research. Often groups or individuals know what problem they would like to influence, but are unsure of how to approach the issue. The answer is to have a thorough understanding of the issue, influences and potential targets so you can devise achievable goals and a strategy to match. In other cases, our clients request a report on a particular issue to raise awareness and spur decision makers to action. See our publications page for some examples of our research work.

Social Media

Social media is an essential for organizations these days, but how do you differentiate from simply having a few social media accounts to making them effective tools to benefit your work? Whether you just need some help in setting up some accounts and training on how to manage them, are looking for account management for a specific campaign, or would like to develop a full social media strategy plan, The Idea Tree can help. For an example of a social media account that we manage see The Black Fish’s international Facebook page.

Grant Writing and Review

Writing grant applications to foundations and trusts can be a tedious but necessary part of operations for environmental non-profits. Having written applications for, been awarded and managed grants of all sizes, we can help you understand what your potential funders are looking for and how to create a strong project proposal that will give you the best chance of success, or simply give you a fresh outside perspective on how your proposal might be received. Our best fundraising effort to date was for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who were awarded 8.3 million Euros from the Dutch Postcode Lottery based on an application that was co-written and defended by The Idea Tree.