Growing Spaces Project

Growing Spaces Project

Growing Spaces IMG_1728In 2011 Stephanie initiated Growing Spaces, a project with Transition Cambridge to reclaim small pieces of unused land in the city of Cambridge (UK) and replant them with edible species.

Central to the strategy of this project was taking before and after photos of each space to demonstrate the transformation and to provide inspiration for further initiatives. Also integral was the decision to focus on small pieces of land (see pictured below) which were already in a state of abandonment or disrepair: this ensured we typically received permission to use the space for food growing.

The project converted 18 such spaces over 3 years, garnered a great deal of positive attention, and created urban foraging opportunities around the city, including 6 community gardens. The project was the winner of P&G’s Future Friendly contest for the East of England, and a recipient of a Sustainable City Grant from the Cambridge City Council.

Throughout the project, Stephanie managed a team of volunteers and liaised closely with city councillors and officials, coordinating the use of funding and resources to achieve the project’s goals. The project continues in Cambridge under the guidance of Transition Cambridge volunteers.

CastleRowBefore    P1060081    IMG_2638    IMG_5571 Optimized-IMG_1028     IMG_5413    st reg after    IMG_1991