New Facebook Thumbnail Feature

Using Facebook’s New Multiple Thumbnail Feature for Pages
The Idea Tree Consulting
October 23, 2015

I have noticed some funny posts in my Facebook feed lately, and it’s the result of a new feature Facebook has added for pages with regards to changing photos when you’re posting a link.

When you draft a post using a link, Facebook used to have a small button that would allow you to upload another photo thumbnail to replace the one that was automatically generated in the URL scrape. Now however, it gives you multiple options, including a space to upload your own photo. It looks like this:

Choose an image

In order to stop your post from looking strange, with these multiple windows, you must unclick the photos you don’t like, or use the plus button to upload a new one, and then unselect the others. In this post I liked the first image the most, and when I deselect options 2 and 3 the post looks like this:

Choose an image 2

Which is how it should look! So be sure you don’t skip this step when drafting posts for pages you manage.

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