Positive Environmental and Sustainability Content on Social Media

#OceanOptimism and #ClimateHope – Finding Positive Environmental and Sustainability Content on Social Media
Stephanie Ferguson, The Idea Tree Consulting
February 12, 2016

As a social media manager I see a lot of negativity online, especially in the environmental movement. Often we post only the bad news, which is of course a necessary first step to tackling a problem, but sometimes overwhelming. And it can result in so many comments that are simply humanity-hating, decrying our very species as a plague on the Earth. Such comments are so counter-productive as they imply we can not change or build a sustainable society, but are doomed by our “nature” to simply destroy and use-up.

So it’s a relief to find positive, forward-looking content on sustainability and the environment on social media, and there are two hashtags are out there that can help you find it.


For positive news and coverage of successful conservation efforts in oceans issues, check out #OceanOptimism. The hashtag started as during World Oceans Day in 2014, reaching 1.7 million Twitter users around the world in one week. As of today, the hashtag has reached over 50 million twitter users and is also used on Instagram and Facebook. Last year we helped to add a tagboard to the #OceanOptimism website, which allows users to view the hashtag’s use across multiple platforms.


This hashtag was created by The Climate Reality Project and launched by the organization last September during a 24-hour event. They report garnering 240 million impressions with the hashtag. On Facebook, #ClimateHope gathered a reach of over 1.2 million and 69,086 engagements. On Twitter, the hashtag appeared in 33,230 tweets from 17,747 contributors, reaching over 52.6 million users and leading #ClimateHope to trend in the US.[1] Today the hashtag continues to be used to spread stories of successful renewable energy projects and climate action.

Do you know of other hashtags that talk about sustainability and environmental issues in a positive light? Let us know on Twitter.


[1] http://shortyawards.com/7th/climate-reality