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5 Reasons to get an outside review of your grant proposal before you submit

5 reasons to get an outside review of your grant proposal
The Idea Tree Consulting
September 2014

You spend hours putting together grant proposals for the funding that will make your work happen. It’s a crucial part of environmental work, and you’re competing for limited resources amongst many worthy causes. So to give your proposal the best possible chance of being awarded the funds you’re seeking, have someone who is familiar with the issues but has a fresh perspective have a look before you send it off. Here are 5 reasons why it’s a great idea; Continue reading

The Bigger Looming Truth about Loom Bands

The bigger looming truth about loom bands
Stephanie Ferguson, The Idea Tree Consulting
September 2014

The children that routinely play in the adjoined yards of the complex next door to our building sometimes are a bit, shall we say, vocal. It makes me look forward to the school year beginning again, almost on a daily basis. But my momentary annoyance is overshadowed by the fact that I’m glad kids are outdoors, running loom bandsaround, playing, getting exercise and – yes – sometimes screaming their heads off. Because they could be inside instead, playing with an unrecyclable and potentially toxic product like the Rainbow Loom, also known as loom bands.

Loom_bandsThis toy craze is everywhere now, with some parents looking on the bright side – the toy and the elastics are cheap, and it encourages kids to be crafty, putting down the technology for once.[1] I crafted when I was a kid too. My partner was practically raised in an art studio. And crafting sure as hell doesn’t exist because of little plastic bands. It happens because parents provide their children with the necessary materials and instructions. Loom bands as a solution to getting kids creative isn’t an excuse for another plastic toy, it’s just unimaginative. Continue reading