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Positive Environmental and Sustainability Content on Social Media

#OceanOptimism and #ClimateHope – Finding Positive Environmental and Sustainability┬áContent on Social Media
Stephanie Ferguson, The Idea Tree Consulting
February 12, 2016

As a social media manager I see a lot of negativity online, especially in the environmental movement. Often we post only the bad news, which is of course a necessary first step to tackling a problem, but sometimes overwhelming. And it can result in so many comments that are simply humanity-hating, decrying our very species as a plague on the Earth. Such comments are so counter-productive as they imply we can not change or build a sustainable society, but are doomed by our “nature” to simply destroy and use-up.

So it’s a relief to find positive, forward-looking content on sustainability and the environment on social media, and there are two hashtags are out there that can help you find it.

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